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1 Oadira Muslim Powerful. Potent.. F
2 Oaisara Muslim Empress. Wife of Caesar.. F
3 Oamra Muslim The moon.. F
4 Obelia Greek Pointed pillar. F
5 Obelie Greek Pointed pillar. F
6 Obharnait Irish The color of olive. F
7 Obil Biblical That weeps, who deserves to be bewailed. F
8 Oceana Greek Form of Oceanus. In Greek mythology Oceanus was a Titan father of rivers and water nymphs. F
9 Octavia Italian Born eighth. F

10 Octavia Latin Born Eighth. In the Roman Empire, Octavia was the sister of Octavian who was married to Mark Antony (as a political alliance). They were later divorced (in 32 BC). F
11 Octavia Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra'. Sister to Caesar and wife to Mark Antony. F
12 Octaviana Latin Eighth. Feminine of Octavius. A clan name of Roman Emperors. F
13 Octavie Latin Born eighth. F
14 Ocyale Latin An Amazon. F
15 Ocypete Greek A Harpy. F
16 Oda German Elfin spear. F
17 Oda Norse Point. F
18 Odahingum NativeAmerican Rippling water (Chippewa). F
19 Odanda Spanish Famous land. F
20 Odd Norse Point. F
21 Oddfrid Norse Beautiful point. F
22 Oddnaug Norse Pointed. F
23 Oddny Norse New point. F
24 Oddveig Norse Pointed. F
25 Ode Egyptian From the road. F
26 Odeda Hebrew Strong. F
27 Odede Hebrew Strong. F
28 Odele Greek Harmonious. F
29 Odelet Greek Little singer. F
30 Odeletta French Little spring. F
31 Odelette French Little spring. F
32 Odelette Greek Little singer. F
33 Odelia Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one. F
34 Odelia Teutonic Wealthy. F
35 Odelina Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one. F
36 Odelina German Elfin spear. F
37 Odelinda Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one. F
38 Odella Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one. F
39 Odelle Greek Harmonious. F
40 Odelyn Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one. F
41 Odelyna Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one. F
42 Odessa Greek Wrathful. F
43 Odessa Latin Wandering; quest. Variant of Odysseus. F
44 Odette Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one. F
45 Odette French Wealthy. F
46 Odette German Variant of Ottilia: Of the fatherland; fortunate heroine. Can also be a feminine variant of Odo: Wealthy. F
47 Odharnait Gaelic Pale. F
48 Odiana German Elfin spear. F
49 Odiane German Elfin spear. F
50 Odila French Wealthy. F
51 Odila German Elfin spear. F
52 Odila Teutonic Wealthy. F
53 Odile French Wealthy. F
54 Odile German Elfin spear. Can also be a feminine variant of Odo: Wealthy, or of Ottilia: of the fatherland; fortunate heroine. F
55 Odile Teutonic Wealthy. F
56 Odilia Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one. F
57 Odra Indian From Odra. F
58 Odysseia Greek Wrathful. F
59 Oenone Greek Lover of Paris. F
60 Oenone Latin Daughter of Cebren. F
61 Ofra Hebrew Fawn. F
62 Ogin NativeAmerican Wild rose. F
63 Ohnicio Irish Honor. F
64 OIethe Latin Honest. F
65 Oifa Celtic Mythical sister of Ove. F
66 Oighrig Greek Well spoken. F
67 Oihane Spanish From the forest. F
68 Oilbhe Irish Olive. F
69 Oilell Celtic A mythical queen. F
70 OIwyna Welsh White foot print. F
71 OJufemi Egyptian Beloved of the gods. F
72 Oksana Russian Praise be to God. F
73 Oksanochka Russian Praise be to God. F
74 Ola Hawaiian Life; well-being. F
75 Ola Norse Descendant. F
76 Olabisi Egyptian Brings joy. F
77 Olathe NativeAmerican Beautiful. F
78 Olaug Norse Of the ancestors. F
79 Oldwin English Special friend. F
80 Oldwina English Special friend. F
81 Oldwyn English Special friend. F
82 Olechka Russian Holy. F
83 Oleda English Winged. F
84 Oleisia Greek Protector of man. F
85 Olena Greek Light. F
86 Olena Russian Light. F
87 Olenka Russian Holy. F
88 Olesia Polish Polish form of Alexandra: defends mankind. F
89 Oleta English Winged. F
90 Oletha English Light; nimble. F
91 Olethea Latin Honest. F
92 Olethia Latin Honest. F
93 Olexa Czechoslovakian Feminine of Alexander. F
94 Olexa English Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander. F
95 Olexa Greek Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander. F
96 Olga Norse Holy. F
97 Olga Russian Holy. F
98 Olga Scandinavian Blessed. F
99 Olga Swedish Holy. F
100 Olga Teutonic Holy object. F