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1 Wa'il Muslim Coming back (for shelter).. M
2 Wa'iz Muslim Preacher. Advisor.. M
3 Waa'il Muslim Variant of Wa'il: Coming back (for shelter).. M
4 Waa'iz Muslim Variant of Wa'iz: Preacher. Advisor.. M
5 Waahib Muslim Variant of Wahib: Liberal. Donor.. M
6 Waamiq Muslim Variant of Wamiq: Loving. Friendly.. M
7 Waathiq Muslim Variant of Wathiq: Confident. Strong.. M
8 Wacfeld English From Wake's field. M
9 Wacian Anglo-Saxon Watchful. M

10 Wacian English Alert. M
11 Wacleah English From Wake's meadow. M
12 Wacuman English Watchman. M
13 Wada English Advancer. M
14 Wadanhyll English From the advancer's hill. M
15 Wade Anglo-Saxon Moving. M
16 Wade English Ford (as in river crossing); Advancer'; Medieval given name from Scandinavian mythology. M
17 Wade Scandinavian Medieval given name from Scandinavian mythology. Also English surname referring to a water crossing. M
18 Wadee' Muslim Variant of Wadi': Calm. Peaceful.. M
19 Wadi' Muslim Calm. Peaceful.. M
20 Wadley English From Wade's meadow. M
21 Wadsworth English From Wade's estate. M
22 Wadu Welsh Legendary son of Seithved. M
23 Waed English Advancer. M
24 Waefreleah English From the quaking aspen tree meadow. M
25 Waer English Wary. M
26 Waerheall English From the true man's manor. M
27 Waeringawicum English Fortress. M
28 Waescburne English From the flooding brook. M
29 Wafeeq Muslim Variant of Wafiq: Successful.. M
30 Wafiq Muslim Successful.. M
31 Wafiyy Arabic Loyal. M
32 Wagner German Wagon maker. M
33 Wahanassatta NativeAmerican He who walks with his toes turned outward (Cheyenne). M
34 Wahchinksapa NativeAmerican Wise (Sioux). M
35 Wahchintonka NativeAmerican Has much Practice (Sioux). M
36 Wahdat Muslim Unity. Loneliness.. M
37 Waheed Muslim Variant of Wahid: Unique. Single. Exclusively. Unequalled.. M
38 Wahhaaj Muslim Variant of Wahhaj: Glowing. Sparkling.. M
39 Wahhaj Muslim Glowing. Sparkling.. M
40 Wahib Muslim Liberal. Donor.. M
41 Wahid Muslim Unique. Single. Exclusively. Unequalled.. M
42 Wahkan NativeAmerican Sacred (Sioux). M
43 Wain English Craftsman. M
44 Wainwright English Wagon maker. M
45 Wait English Guard. M
46 Waite English Guard. M
47 Wajaahat Muslim Variant of Wajahat: Esteem. Credit.. M
48 Wajahat Muslim Esteem. Credit.. M
49 Wajeeh Muslim Variant of Wajih: Notable. Eminent. Noble.. M
50 Wajih Muslim Notable. Eminent. Noble.. M
51 Wake English Alert. M
52 Wakefield English From Wake's field. M
53 Wakeley English From Wake's meadow. M
54 Wakeman English Watchman. M
55 Wakiza NativeAmerican Desperate warrior. M
56 Wakler English Thickener of cloth. M
57 Wal German Diminutive of Walter: Rules the people; powerful ruler. Famous Bearers: explorer Sir Walter Raleigh (1554-1618) and U.S. actor Walter Matthau. M
58 Wal Scottish Diminutive of Wallace: Welshman; stranger. Famous Bearer: Scottish hero Sir William Wallace (executed in 1305).Welshman; stranger. M
59 Walbridge English From the Welshman's bridge. M
60 Walbrydge English From the Welshman's bridge. M
61 Walby English From the Welshman's dwellings. M
62 Walcot English Lives in the Welshman's cottage. M
63 Walcott English Lives in the Welshman's cottage. M
64 Waldemar German Famous ruler. M
65 Waldemar Polish Mighty or famous. M
66 Waldemar Teutonic Strong fighter. M
67 Waldemarr German Famous ruler. M
68 Waldemarr Teutonic Strong fighter. M
69 Walden English From the Welshman's valley. M
70 Walden German Powerful. Abbreviation of Oswald. M
71 Walden Teutonic Strong fighter. M
72 Waldhramm German Ruling raven. M
73 Waldifrid German Peaceful ruler. M
74 Waldmunt German Mighty protector. M
75 Waldo English 'Powerful.' Abbreviation of Oswald. M
76 Waldo German Powerful; ruler. Famous Bearer: philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1832). Abbreviation of Oswald. M
77 Waldo Teutonic Strong fighter. M
78 Waldon English From the Welshman's hill. M
79 Waldram Teutonic Mighty raven. M
80 Waldrom German Ruling raven. M
81 Waldron English From the Welshman's hill. M
82 Waldron German Powerful. Abbreviation of Oswald. M
83 Waleed Muslim Variant of Walid: Newborn child.. M
84 Waleis English From Wales. M
85 Walerian Latin Strong. M
86 Walerian Polish Brave or strong. M
87 Waleron Polish Brave or strong. M
88 Wales Shakespearean 'King Henry IV, Part 1 and 2' Edward Poins, an irregular humorist. 'Henry VI, Part 2' Son of Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York. 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' Edward, Prince of Wales, son to King Henry VI. M
89 Walford English From the Welshman's ford. M
90 Walfred German Peaceful ruler. M
91 Walfrid German Peaceful ruler. M
92 Walid Muslim Newborn child.. M
93 Waliyuddeen Muslim Variant of Waliyuddin: Supporter of the Faith.. M
94 Waliyuddin Muslim Supporter of the Faith.. M
95 Waliyullah Muslim Supporter of God.. M
96 Waljan Welsh Chosen. M
97 Walker English Worker in cloth. M
98 Wall Shakespearean A Midsummer Night's Dream' Snout, a tinker, acts as Wall in the play within the play. M
99 Wallace Anglo-Saxon Stranger. M
100 Wallace English From Wales. M