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1 O' Irish Descendent of. Irish surnames formed by prefacing O'. M
2 O'brian Irish Surname. M
3 O'brien Irish Surname. M
4 O'keefe Irish Surname. M
5 O'shay Irish Surname. M
6 O'shea Irish Surname. M
7 Oakden English From the oak tree valley. M
8 Oakes English From the oak. M
9 Oakley English From the oak - tree meadow. M

10 Oates German Variant of Odo: Wealth. M
11 Oba Egyptian King. M
12 Obadiah Biblical Servant of the Lord M
13 Obadiah Hebrew Servant/worshipper of the Lord. Obadiah was the prophet who wrote the shortest book in the Old Testament. M
14 Obal Biblical Inconvenience of old age. M
15 Obed Biblical A servant; workman M
16 Obed-edom Biblical Servant of Edom M
17 Obediah Hebrew Serves God. M
18 Oberon English In A Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare altered the spelling to Auberon, king of the fairies, to Oberon. M
19 Oberon German Noble and bear-like. In a Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare altered the spelling of Auberon (King of the fairies) to Oberon. M
20 Oberon Shakespearean A Midsummer Night's Dream' King of the Fairies. M
21 Obiareus Greek A Titan. M
22 Obil Biblical That weeps, who deserves to be bewailed. M
23 Oboth Biblical 'Dragons, fathers, desires' M
24 Oceanus Greek Father of the Oceanids. M
25 Ocelfa English From the high plain. M
26 Ocnus Greek Incompetent. M
27 Ocran Biblical A disturber, that disorders. M
28 Octave French Born eighth. M
29 Octavian Latin Variant of Octavius: Born eighth. Octavian was the name used commonly for the Emperor Augustus. M
30 Octavio Latin Eighth. M
31 Octavius Latin Born eighth. Octavius was a Roman clan name, as well as the original name of Emperor Augustus (commonly known as Octavian). Traditionally, this name was given to the eighth child in a large family. M
32 Octavius Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra'. Octavius Caesar, Roman triumvir. 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' Triumvir after Caesar's death, later Augustus Caesar, first emperor of Rome. M
33 Octe Anglo-Saxon A son of Hengist. M
34 Octha Anglo-Saxon A son of Hengist. M
35 Octha ArthurianLegend Enemy of Arthur. M
36 Ocumwhowurst NativeAmerican Yellow wolf (Cheyenne). M
37 Ocunnowhurst NativeAmerican Yellow wolf (Cheyenne). M
38 Ocvran ArthurianLegend Father of Guinevere. M
39 Odakota NativeAmerican Friend (Sioux). M
40 Odale English Of the valley. M
41 Odam English Son in law. M
42 Odanodan Irish Of the red earth. M
43 Odayle English Of the valley. M
44 Odbart German Wealthy. M
45 Odd Norse Point. M
46 Oddie German Variant of Odo: Wealth. M
47 Oddleif Norse Point descendant. M
48 Oddvar Norse Pointable. M
49 Ode Teutonic Rich. M
50 Oded Biblical To sustain, hold or lift up. M
51 Oded Hebrew Encourages. M
52 Odel Anglo-Saxon Wealthy. M
53 Odell Anglo-Saxon Wealthy. M
54 Odell English Of the valley. M
55 Odell Irish Surname. M
56 Odell Norse Wealthy. M
57 Odgar Welsh Legendary son of Aedd. M
58 Odharnait Gaelic Pale. M
59 Odhert German Wealthy. M
60 Odhran Irish Pale green. M
61 Odi Anglo-Saxon Wealthy defender. M
62 Odilo Teutonic Rich. M
63 Odin Anglo-Saxon Wealthy defender. M
64 Odin Norse God of the sky. M
65 Odion Egyptian Born of twins. M
66 Odo French Name of a bishop. M
67 Odo German Wealth. M
68 Odo Teutonic Rich. M
69 Odom English Son in law. M
70 Odon Anglo-Saxon Wealthy defender. M
71 Odran Gaelic Pale. M
72 Odran Irish Pale green. M
73 Odwolf English Wealthy wolf. M
74 Odwolfe English Wealthy wolf. M
75 Odwulf English Wealthy wolf. M
76 Ody Anglo-Saxon Wealthy defender. M
77 Odysseus Greek Wrathful. M
78 Oedipus Greek Swollen foot. M
79 Oegelsby English Fearsome. M
80 Oeneus Greek King of Calydon. M
81 Oengus Irish One vigor. M
82 Oenomaus Greek Son of Ares. M
83 Oetavian Latin Born eighth. M
84 Ofer Hebrew Fawn. M
85 Offa Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
86 Ofydd Welsh Welsh form of Ovid 'a Roman poet'. M
87 Og Biblical A cake, bread baked in ashes. M
88 Ogaleesha NativeAmerican Wears a red shirt (Sioux). M
89 Ogden English From the oak tree valley. M
90 Ogdon English From the oak tree valley. M
91 Ogelsby English Fearsome. M
92 Ogelsvie English Fearsome. M
93 Ogelsvy English Fearsome. M
94 Ogilhinn Scottish From the high peak. M
95 Ogilvie Scottish From the high peak. M
96 Ohad Biblical Praising, confessing. M
97 Ohanko NativeAmerican Reckless. M
98 Ohanzee NativeAmerican Shadow (Sioux). M
99 Ohcumgache NativeAmerican Little wolf (Cheyenne). M
100 Ohel Biblical Tent, tabernacle, brightness. M