Popular Welsh names for girls and boys

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1 Ab Owen Welsh Son of Owen. M
2 Aberfa Welsh From the mouth of the river. F
3 Abertha Welsh Sacrifice. F
4 Aberthol Welsh Sacrifice. M
5 Adain Welsh Winged. F
6 Adara Welsh Catches birds. F
7 Adda Welsh Welsh form of Adam 'of the red earth'. M
8 Addfwyn Welsh Meek. F
9 Addien Welsh Beautiful. F

10 Addiena Welsh Beautiful. F
11 Addolgar Welsh Devout. M
12 Adenydd Welsh Winged. F
13 Adwr Welsh Coward. M
14 Adyna Welsh Wretched. F
15 Aedd Welsh A king of Ireland. M
16 Aelwyd Welsh From the hearth. F
17 Alawn Welsh Harmony. M
18 Albanwr Welsh From Scotland. M
19 Aled Welsh Offspring. M
20 Aledwen Welsh Feminine form of Aled: Offspring. F
21 Alun Welsh From the Celtic Alan meaning harmony, stone, or noble. M
22 Alwin Welsh From Alwyn. M
23 Alwyn Welsh From Alwyn. M
24 Alys Welsh A form of the German Alice, meaning nobility. F
25 Amathaon Welsh Legendary son of Don. M
26 Amerawdwr Welsh Emperor. M
27 Amhar Welsh Legendary son of Arthur. M
28 Amlawdd Welsh Legendary father of Goieuddydd. M
29 Amren Welsh Legendary son of Bedwyr. M
30 Amser Welsh Time. F
31 Amynedd Welsh Patient. M
32 Amyneddgar Welsh Patient. M
33 Anarawd Welsh Legendary father of Iddig. M
34 Andras Welsh Manly; brave. Variant of English Andrew. M
35 Andreas Welsh Welsh form of Andrew 'manly'. M
36 Aneira Welsh Feminine form of Aneurin: Uncertain origin, but may be derived from the Latin Honorius meaning man of honour, or from the Welsh eur meaning gold. F
37 Aneirin Welsh Uncertain origin, but may be derived from the Latin Honorius meaning man of honour, or from the Welsh eur meaning gold. M
38 Aneurin Welsh Uncertain origin, but may be derived from the Latin Honorius meaning man of honour, or from the Welsh eur meaning gold. M
39 Anfri Welsh Disgrace. M
40 Angawdd Welsh Legendary son of Caw. M
41 Angharad Welsh Much loved. Used in 'Mahinogion,' a collection of medieval Welsh folk tales. The name of famous Welsh actress Angharad Rees. F
42 Anghard Welsh Loved greatly. F
43 Anghrist Welsh Antichrist. M
44 Angor Welsh Anchor. M
45 Anwar Welsh Wild. M
46 Anwas Welsh Legendary father of Twrch. M
47 Anwell Welsh Beloved. M
48 Anwen Welsh Very beautiful'. F
49 Anwil Welsh Beloved. M
50 Anwill Welsh Beloved. M
51 Anwir Welsh Liar. M
52 Anwyl Welsh Beloved. M
53 Anwyll Welsh Beloved. M
54 Anynnawg Welsh Legendary son of Menw. M
55 Anyon Welsh Anvil. M
56 Ap Evan Welsh Son of Evan. M
57 Ap Harry Welsh Son of Harry. M
58 Ap Howell Welsh Son of Howell. M
59 Ap Maddock Welsh Son of Maddock. M
60 Ap Owen Welsh Son of Owen. M
61 Ap Rhys Welsh Son of Rhys. M
62 Ap Roderick Welsh Son of Roderick. M
63 Ardwyad Welsh Protector. M
64 Argel Welsh Refuge. F
65 ArgIwydd Welsh Lord. M
66 ArgIwyddes Welsh Lady. F
67 Argoel Welsh Omen. F
68 Argraff Welsh Impression. F
69 Arial Welsh Vigorous. F
70 Arian Welsh Silver. F
71 Arian Welsh Silver. Derived from Greek Arion, mythological magic horse born to Poseidon and Demeter. M
72 Ariana Welsh Silver. F
73 Arianrhod Welsh Legendary daughter of Don. F
74 Arlais Welsh From the temple. F
75 Armes Welsh Prophetess. F
76 Artaith Welsh Torment. F
77 Arthes Welsh She bear. F
78 Arthur Welsh Bear hero. M
79 Arthwr Welsh Bear hero. M
80 Arval Welsh Cried over. M
81 Arvel Welsh Cried over. M
82 Arvil Welsh Cried over. M
83 Arwydd Welsh Sign. F
84 Arwystli Welsh Good advice; good counsel. M
85 Asgre Welsh Heart. F
86 Atgas Welsh Hateful. F
87 Avaon Welsh Legendary son of Talyessin. M
88 Awel Welsh Breeze. F
89 Awst Welsh Great. M
90 Awstin Welsh August. M
91 Badan Welsh Boar. M
92 Badden Welsh Boar. M
93 Baddon Welsh From Baddon. M
94 Baeddan Welsh Boar. M
95 Banon Welsh Queen. F
96 Banys Welsh Son of Harry. M
97 Barris Welsh Son of Harry. M
98 Beavan Welsh Variant of Bevan: Evan's son. M
99 Beaven Welsh Variant of Bevan: Evan's son. M
100 Beda Welsh Welsh form of Bede: name of a priest. M