Popular NativeAmerican names for girls and boys

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1 Abedabun NativeAmerican Sight of day (Chippewa). F
2 Abequa NativeAmerican Stays at home (Chippewa). F
3 Abeque NativeAmerican Stays at home (Chippewa). F
4 Abooksigun NativeAmerican Wildcat (Algonquin). M
5 Abornazine NativeAmerican Abnaki word for keeper of the flame. M
6 Abukcheech NativeAmerican Mouse (Algonquin). M
7 Achak NativeAmerican Spirit (Algonquin). M
8 Adahy NativeAmerican Lives in the woods (Cherokee). M
9 Aditsan NativeAmerican Listener (Navajo). M

10 Adoeete NativeAmerican Kiowa word for tree. M
11 Adoerte NativeAmerican Variant of Adoeete: Kiowa word for tree. M
12 Adoette NativeAmerican Large tree. F
13 Adooeette NativeAmerican Variant of Adoeete: Kiowa word for tree. M
14 Adsila NativeAmerican Blossom (Cherokee). F
15 Ahanu NativeAmerican He laughs (Algonquin). M
16 Ahiga NativeAmerican He fights (Navajo). M
17 Ahmik NativeAmerican Beaver. M
18 Ahote NativeAmerican Restless one (Hopi). M
19 Ahtunowhiho NativeAmerican One who lives below (Cheyenne). M
20 Ahusaka NativeAmerican Winnebago word for wings. M
21 Aiyana NativeAmerican Eternal blossom. F
22 Akando NativeAmerican Ambush. M
23 Akecheta NativeAmerican Fighter (Sioux). M
24 Akule NativeAmerican Looks up. M
25 Alahmoot NativeAmerican Nez perce word for an elm branch. M
26 Alameda NativeAmerican Grove of cottonwood. F
27 Alaqua NativeAmerican Sweet gum tree. F
28 Alawa NativeAmerican Pea (Algonquin). F
29 Aleekcheaahoosh NativeAmerican Crow name meaning accomplished. M
30 Algoma NativeAmerican Valley of flowers. F
31 Alikkees NativeAmerican Nez Perce name meaning haircut. F
32 Alikkees NativeAmerican Nez Perce name meaning haircut. M
33 Allahkoliken NativeAmerican Nez Perce name meaning antlers. M
34 Alo NativeAmerican Spiritual guide (Hopi). M
35 Alsoomse NativeAmerican Independent (Algonquin). F
36 Amadahy NativeAmerican Forest water (Cherokee). F
37 Amitola NativeAmerican Rainbow. F
38 Anakausuen NativeAmerican Worker (Algonquin). M
39 AneMy NativeAmerican Superior. F
40 Angeni NativeAmerican Spirit. F
41 Angvariationu Toke NativeAmerican Sioux name meaning another day. M
42 Angwusnasomtaqa NativeAmerican Crow mother spirit (Hopi). F
43 Ankti NativeAmerican Repeat dance (Hopi). F
44 Anna NativeAmerican Mother (Algonquin). F
45 Annawan NativeAmerican Variant of Annawon: Algonquin name meaning Chief. M
46 Annawon NativeAmerican Algonquin name meaning Chief. M
47 Anoki NativeAmerican Actor. M
48 Apash Wyakaikt NativeAmerican Nez Perce name meaning flint necklace. M
49 Apenimon NativeAmerican Worthy of trust. M
50 Apiatan NativeAmerican Kiowa name meaning lance. M
51 Aponi NativeAmerican Butterfly. F
52 Aponivi NativeAmerican Where the wind blows down the gap (Hopi). M
53 Appanoose NativeAmerican Sauk word for child. M
54 Aquene NativeAmerican Peace. F
55 Ar-ke-kee-tah NativeAmerican Oto name meaning stay. M
56 Aranck NativeAmerican Stars (Algonquin). M
57 Arapoosh NativeAmerican Crow name meaning stomach ache. M
58 Arre-catte Waho NativeAmerican Omaha name meaning large elk. M
59 Ashishishe NativeAmerican Crow name for crow. M
60 Ashkii NativeAmerican Boy (Navajo). M
61 Ashkii Dighin NativeAmerican Navajo name meaning sacred child; holy child. M
62 Askook NativeAmerican Snake (Algonquin). M
63 Askuwheteau NativeAmerican He keeps watch (Algonquin). M
64 Ata'halne' NativeAmerican He interrupts (Navajo). M
65 Atagulkalu NativeAmerican Cherokee name meaning pitched trees. M
66 Atepa NativeAmerican Wigwam (Choctaw). F
67 Atsidi NativeAmerican Navajo name meaning blacksmith. M
68 Attakullakulla NativeAmerican Variant of Atagulkalu: Cherokee name meaning pitched trees. M
69 Avonaco NativeAmerican Lean bear (Cheyenne). M
70 Awan NativeAmerican Somebody. M
71 Awenasa NativeAmerican My home (Cherokee). F
72 Awendela NativeAmerican Morning. F
73 Awenita NativeAmerican Fawn. F
74 Awinita NativeAmerican Fawn (Cherokee). F
75 Ayasha NativeAmerican Little one (Chippewa). F
76 Ayashe NativeAmerican Little one (Chippewa). F
77 Ayawamat NativeAmerican One who follows orders (Hopi). M
78 Ayita NativeAmerican First to dance (Cherokee). F
79 Bagwunagijik NativeAmerican Variant of Buegoneguig: Chippewa name meaning hole in the sky. M
80 Bemidii NativeAmerican Ojibwa name meaning river by a lake. M
81 Bemossed NativeAmerican Walker. M
82 Bena NativeAmerican Pheasant. F
83 Beshiltheeni NativeAmerican Navajo name meaning metalworker. M
84 Bidziil NativeAmerican He is strong (Navajo). M
85 Bilagaana NativeAmerican White person (Navajo). M
86 Bimisi NativeAmerican Slippery. M
87 Bisahalani NativeAmerican Navajo name meaning speaker. M
88 Bly NativeAmerican Tall. F
89 Bodaway NativeAmerican Fire maker. M
90 Bornbazine NativeAmerican Variant of Abornazine: Abnaki word for keeper of the flame. M
91 Buegoneguig NativeAmerican Chippewa name meaning hole in the sky. M
92 Canowicakte NativeAmerican Sioux name meaning forest hunter. M
93 Cashesegra NativeAmerican Osage name meaning tracks of a large animal. M
94 Catori NativeAmerican Spirit (Hopi). F
95 Cetanwakuwa NativeAmerican Sioux name meaning attacking hawk. M
96 Cha'akmongwi NativeAmerican Crier chief (Hopi). M
97 Cha'kwaina NativeAmerican One who cries (Hopi). F
98 Cha'risa NativeAmerican Elk (Hopi). F
99 Cha'tima NativeAmerican The caller (Hopi). M
100 Chankoowashtay NativeAmerican Good road (Sioux). M