Popular Italian names for girls and boys

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501 Rufina Italian Red haired. F
502 Ruggero Italian Italian form of Roger 'famous spear'. M
503 Sabrina Italian From the border. F
504 Sal Italian Diminutive of Salvatore: Savior. M
505 Salvatore Italian Savior. Famous Bearer: Surrealist artist Salvador Dali. M
506 Salvatorio Italian Savior. M
507 Sancia Italian Holy. F
508 Sandro Italian Abbreviation of Alexander 'defender of man.'. M
509 Santino Italian Little saint. M

510 Santo Italian Sacred. M
511 Savino Italian Of the Sabines. M
512 Sebastiana Italian Feminine form of Sebastiano: revered. F
513 Sebastiano Italian Italian form of Sebastian 'revered'. M
514 Sebastiene Italian Feminine form of Sebastiano: revered. F
515 Serafina Italian From the seraph. F
516 Serena Italian Serene. F
517 Sergio Italian Attendant. M
518 Silvio Italian Silver. M
519 Simona Italian Italian form of Simone: one who hears. F
520 Speranza Italian Hope. F
521 Stansie Italian Constant. F
522 Stefano Italian Italian form of Stephen 'crowned with laurels'. M
523 Stephano Italian Crown; wreath. Variant of Stephen. M
524 Susanna Italian Variant of Hebrew Susannah. F
525 Tazia Italian Abbreviation of Anastasia: one who will be reborn. F
526 Teodora Italian Gift from God. F
527 Teodoro Italian God given. M
528 Teresa Italian Harvester. F
529 Teresina Italian Variant of Theresa which is a popular saint's name of uncertain meaning. F
530 Terza Italian Born third. F
531 Tiberia Italian From the Tiber. F
532 Tiberio Italian From the Tiber. M
533 Tito Italian Giant. M
534 Tommaso Italian Italian form of Thomas 'twin'. M
535 Torre Italian Tower. M
536 Traviata Italian Astray. F
537 Trilby Italian Sings with trills. F
538 Trillare Italian Sings with trills. F
539 Trista Italian Sad. F
540 Uso Italian Intelligent. M
541 Valente Italian Strong. Variant of Valentinus; the name of more than 50 saints and three Roman emperors. M
542 Valentina Italian Brave. F
543 Valentino Italian Brave or strong. M
544 Valeria Italian 'Strong; valiant. F
545 Valerio Italian Brave or strong. M
546 Vedetta Italian Guardian. F
547 Vedette Italian Guardian. F
548 Venetia Italian From Venice. F
549 Verona Italian From Verona (Italian City). F
550 Vincenzio Italian Victor. M
551 Vincenzo Italian Conquering. M
552 Violet Italian Flower. F
553 Violetta Italian Flower. F
554 Virginia Italian Pure. F
555 Vitale Italian Life. M
556 Vito Italian Victor. M
557 Vittorio Italian Victor. M
558 Viviana Italian Alive. F
559 Volante Italian Flying. F
560 Xiomar Italian Famous in battle. Variant of Geomar. M
561 Ysabel Italian Italian form of Isabel: conseacrated to God. F
562 Ysabelle Italian Italian form of Isabel: conseacrated to God. F
563 Zaira Italian Dawning. F
564 Zarah Italian Dawning. F