Popular Indian names for girls and boys

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1 Abhaya Indian Has no fear. M
2 Abhimanyu Indian Person killed by Lakshmana. M
3 Abhirati Indian Mother of five hundred children; A mother goddess. F
4 Acharya Indian Spiritual teacher. M
5 Achir Indian New. M
6 Adharma Indian Lawless. M
7 Adi Indian A form of Vasishtha. M
8 Aditi Indian Free. F
9 Aditya Indian Sun. M

10 Adya Indian Born on Sunday. F
11 Agastya Indian Name of a wise man. M
12 Agneya Indian Son of Agni. M
13 Agnimukha Indian Face of fire. M
14 Ahalya Indian Night. F
15 Ahisma Indian Gentle. F
16 Ahjaja Indian Born of a lotus. M
17 Ahriman Indian Evil spirit. M
18 Airavata Indian Child of water. M
19 Aja Indian Goat. M
20 Akshobhya Indian One of the Dhyani Buddhas. M
21 Amaravati Indian Full of ambrosia. F
22 Amba Indian Mother. F
23 Ambrosia Indian Food of the gods. F
24 Ameretat Indian Immortal. M
25 Amhi Indian Mother. F
26 Amhika Indian Mother. F
27 Amitabha Indian One of the Dhyani Buddhas. M
28 Amma Indian Supreme god. M
29 Anahita Indian Goddess of the waters. F
30 Ananda Indian A half brother of Buddha. M
31 Ananga Indian Without body. M
32 Anasuya Indian Charitable. F
33 Anga Indian From Anga. F
34 Angirasa Indian Of the mythical Luminous Race. F
35 Anish Indian Born without a master. M
36 Annapurna Indian Goddess of bread. F
37 Anumati Indian Moon. F
38 Apala Indian Woman cursed with a skin disorder. F
39 Apsaras Indian From the water's stream. F
40 Arun Indian Sun. M
41 Aruna Indian God of the dawn. M
42 Arundhati Indian Morning star. F
43 Arya Indian Noble goddess. F
44 Asad Indian Lion. M
45 Ashoka Indian Name of an emperor. M
46 Asura Indian A demon. M
47 Ayodhya Indian From Ayodhya. M
48 Balahadra Indian Brother of Krishna. M
49 Balarama Indian Brother of Krishna. M
50 Bali Indian Mighty warrior. M
51 Balin Indian Mighty warrior. M
52 Behula Indian Perfect wife. F
53 Bha Indian Star. F
54 Bhadraa Indian Cow. F
55 Bhaga Indian Uncertain whether god of love or luck. M
56 Bhagiratha Indian Goddess. F
57 Bhagwandas Indian Serves God. M
58 Bhaskar Indian Sun. M
59 Bhavata Indian Dearly loved. M
60 Bhikkhu Indian A monk. M
61 Bhikkhuni Indian A nun. F
62 Bhima Indian Terrible. M
63 Bhimadevi Indian Frightening goddess. F
64 Bhishma Indian Terrible. M
65 Bhu Indian Earth. F
66 Bhudevi Indian Earth. F
67 Bodhi Indian Awakens. M
68 Brahma Indian Absolute. M
69 Brahman Indian Absolute. M
70 Brahmaputra Indian Son of Brahma. M
71 Chakra Indian Symbol of the sun. M
72 Chamunda Indian A form of Durga. F
73 Chanda Indian Fierce. F
74 Chandaka Indian Charioteer of Buddha. M
75 Chandi Indian Fierce. F
76 Chandra Indian Moon. M
77 Channa Indian Chickpea. F
78 Charumati Indian Daughter of Buddha. F
79 Chhaya Indian Shade. F
80 Chinja Indian Son. M
81 Daeva Indian Evil spirit. F
82 Dakini Indian Demon. F
83 Daksha Indian Brilliant. M
84 Dakshina Indian Competent. F
85 Damayanti Indian Name of a princess. F
86 Das Indian A slave. M
87 Dasa Indian A slave. M
88 Dasras Indian Handsome. M
89 Dasya Indian He serves. M
90 Deva Indian Superior. F
91 Devaki Indian Black. F
92 Devamatar Indian Mother of the gods. F
93 Devayani Indian Daughter of Shukra. F
94 Deven Indian For God. M
95 Dharani Indian Earth. F
96 Dhenuka Indian A demon. M
97 Dhumavarna Indian The color of smoke. M
98 Diti Indian Daughter of Daksha. F
99 Div Indian Evil spirit. F
100 Drisana Indian Daughter of the sun. F